Tibet Terrier Nima

Welcome to www.tibet-terrier-nima.at

My name is Daniela. Together with my family, i live only a few kilometres South of Vienna, Austria. It was quite obvious that dogs will live with us as we have very fond of animals.

In 2000, our first dog moved in: a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named “Charly”. In 2007 our male Jack Russel dog “Jackson” took over the pack. Charly passed away shortly afterwards which left jackson very lonesome.

He no longer wanted to play with our cats and did not chase them over theyard anymore. Our veterinarian planted the idea in our heads to get jackson an new buddy.

She advised to consider a Tibetan Terrier. Thus, “Nima” moved in with us – an “Tibi-fever” got hold of us.

For me, there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than spend spare time with my family and our animals.

Have fun on our website!